Ticket to the Moon Catalogue: Company Introduction

At Ticket to the Moon (TTTM), we’re improving upon ordinary hammock designs while helping dreamers explore new places. We’ve proudly been the original nylon-parachute hammock company since 1996. Our family of travelers makes reliable gear, perfect for exciting activities and changing weather. We’re confident you’ll love our hammocks more than any other!

Moon hammocks have important advantages over tents – suspending you safely above water, insects, and curious animals. Each has incredible features to meet various needs. They’re lightweight, strong, portable, rot resistant, and easily wash & dry. Our tough fabric is flexible and lovingly hugs your body. Moon hammocks never disappoint in the comfort department. They’re breathable and aid circulation, helping you beat both the heat and discomfort. 

You’re finally enjoying your moon hammock, but maybe you’re ready to relocate. Setup and packing take under a minute, letting you quickly find your next perfect hang. Our patented Express Setting Bag prevents your hammock from touching the ground during assembly. It also becomes a pillow and handy storage pouch for accessories. Safety is our biggest priority, which is why all hammocks include stainless steel S-hooks or high-grade aluminum carabiners. 

Moon hammocks are the ultimate companion for any activity! Whether you’re enjoying a simple sunny afternoon, a community event, or joining friends, your hammock will never let you down. Go discover your paradise and make new friends, without making compromises.

Hammocking is the new camping, and you might need special tools. Luckily, you can add personal touches with our many accessories. We offer products for all situations, including suspension systems, mosquito nets, tarps, and more. 

Our customers take only memories and leave only footprints, and our mission is the same. Ticket to the Moon uses recycled materials, turning extra fabrics into beautiful products. Fair trade and global good are central to what we do. Through the TTTM Foundation, we also support local tribes in East Indonesia. Our community roots mean the world to us. No matter what, we aim to be an ethical company with a heart bigger than our Mammock hammock.