From the beginning, writing has been my true passion.

Ever since I could scribble on paper, I've been addicted to the writing process. Now that I’ve exchanged my #2 pencil for a keyboard, I’ve been crafting content for the digital world. From brainstorming and outlining to forming gripping arguments, I relish the unique challenge of intermingling words. Writing with impact is an art form, reliant upon word choice, variety, and meticulous attention to detail. I toil over these decisions because they make the final product much more polished.

Tackling formal and creative endeavors with gusto

My academic background is in international studies. I've been a social-sciences fanatic my entire life, and those around me can attest to that! I'm no stranger to breaking down complex topics into digestible pieces. Additionally, I specialize in adapting my voice for the task at hand.

Since obtaining my degree, I’ve pivoted into the creative and technical realms. In many ways, I’ve rediscovered my passions while discovering some new ones. I embarked on a freelancing journey over a year ago, stepping outside of my comfort zone to tackle new topics. Versatility is my bread and butter - I embrace the challenge of becoming a subject-matter expert.

While much of my experience is in consumer technology and gaming, I’m always expanding my horizons. Being a research hound, I enjoy the thrill of uncovering new information. That hunger for personal and professional growth drives me forward. Let's also credit the cup of coffee (or three) along the way!

Lastly, I love working with people. My roots are in customer service, and I apply that mindset to my working relationships. Building long-term partnerships is important. All things considered, what’s the next step? Let’s bring that to your workplace.