Amazon Alexa Skill Reviews

As requested, here are the rewrites for Volley’s Skills of the Day:

Ambient Sounds: Fireplace Sounds

Volley pre-zents the Skill of the Day...Fireplace Sounds!

Maybe the cold weather has finally reared its ugly head, and a chill has overtaken the air. Perhaps you’re just craving some much-needed relaxation, hoping to conquer your insomnia demons.

In some cases (we won’t probe), you may want to set the perfect, romantic mood after a couple’s night out. Whatever your reasons, rest assured the soul-warming embrace of a crackling fireplace is only a few words away. 

Just like great stories paint vivid pictures, familiar sounds can whisk us away to places of peace and comfort. What better way to accomplish that than by slipping into your Snuggie, kicking up your feet, and enjoying the sweet serenade of a roaring fire?

Just say to your Echo, “Enable Fireplace Sounds.” (By Invoked Apps LLC)


Volley pre-zents the Skill of the Day...CompliBot!

Daniel Powter said it best – sometimes, you simply have a bad day. On other days, maybe your ego needs a little inflation. Whether born from sadness, narcissism, or otherwise, we can all find solace in some kind words. 

When people just don’t do it for you anymore, it’s time to consult your friendly, robotic master of compliments. Life doesn’t always show you love, but your Echo’s got your back. 

Just say to your Echo, “Enable CompliBot.” (By 3PO Labs)

Millionaire Quiz Game

Volley pre-zents the Skill of the Day...Millionaire Quiz Game!

Maybe you fancy yourself a trivia nut, a general-knowledge jack of all trades. If you’re the type of TV spectator who proclaims, “I could definitely answer those correctly, no problem,” then you’re in luck. 

Thoroughly testing your wits, the game requires you to conquer 14 questions in pursuit of the grand prize - each correct answer boosting your winnings along the way. If you’re an über-competitive social butterfly, compete against your family and friends!

If you misstep, fear not! The world is full of knowledge, and there’s no shortage of mental gymnastics to put yourself through. If challenges are your thing, Millionaire is your final – and only – answer. 

Just say to your Echo, “Start Millionaire Quiz Game.” (By Voice Apps LLC)

Song Quiz by Volley

Volley pre-zents the Skill of the Day...our very own Song Quiz!

Testing your musical meddle has simply never been so fun. Song Quiz has the goods to entertain for hours, allowing players to pit themselves against challengers from sea to shining sea.

Whether you swear by the classics, or live and breathe Top 40, you’re in the right place. You can also take on friends and family to your heart’s content – everyone is guaranteed to have a killer time. 

With additional songs added frequently, boredom is a thing of the past. Your favorite shower power ballads and guilty pleasures, coming to a living room near you.

Just say to your Echo, “Enable Song Quiz.” (By yours truly, Volley)

Twenty Questions

Volley pre-zents the Skill of the Day...Twenty Questions!

Taking gameplay a step further than the usual “person, place, thing” found in traditional formats, Twenty Questions focuses on four main categories: animal, vegetable, mineral, or music. Step right up with your cryptic answer in mind and listen with bewilderment, as Alexa claws her way to victory with each question. 

Dichotomy is a thing of the past; we know things aren’t always black and white. Feel free to answer Alexa accordingly! With responses such as irrelevant, sometimes, probably, or doubtful at your disposal, you can stump Alexa without stumping yourself.

Players can let their creativity dictate play as well – if the categories don’t appeal to you, feel free to say “other.” Best of luck, and happy guessing!

Just say to your Echo, “Enable Twenty Questions” (By Amazon). This skill can also be enabled from the Read More section of the Volley Skill of the Day card on your Echo app.

Life Hacks

Volley pre-zents the Skill of the Day...Life Hacks!

Odds are good that you’ve heard the expression “work smarter, not harder” at least once or twice. We have to worry about so many different things from day to day - what if there were ways to tackle life just a little bit easier?

Buckle your seatbelts and prepare to fire up Life Hacks! By consulting your Echo, you can unlock oodles of useful, informative, and practical tips that come in handy daily. Maybe you didn’t know you could remove the snow from your car with a shop brush. Perhaps you didn’t know that you should roll your clothes instead of folding them when traveling. 

Prepare to have your mind blown. Quality of life improvements, coming in hot!

Just say to your Echo, “Open Life Hacks.” (By Troogle)

Insult Generator

Volley pre-zents the Skill of the Day...Insult Generator!

“Two wrongs don’t make a right – take your parents as an example.” “You are proof that evolution can go in reverse.”

Nobody’s perfect, right? As any worthy comedian or secure individual knows, a little self-deprecation goes a long way. Why not have your trusty Echo point out your shortcomings for you?

Offend your friends and family with over 100 insults. Introduce your party to a dose of biting humor. With insult generator, all of your dreams and nightmares come true. Trix may be for kids, but this game isn’t – contains mature content, listener discretion advised!

Just grumble to your Echo, “Open Insult Generator.” (By Noor Syed)

This Day in History

Volley pre-zents the Skill of the Day...This Day in History!

History buffs rejoice! If becoming a walking encyclopedia is your ambition, then look no further. Powered by your fellow social sciences nerds from History Channel, This Day in History offers a treasure trove of information. You’ll be impressing friends, family, and colleagues with obscure factoids in no time.

If you’ve ever wondered what happened on today’s date 10 or even 1,000 years ago, that knowledge is here for your consumption. Embark on historical journeys with short stories, and feel free to investigate any date your curious heart desires.

Just say to your Echo, “Enable This Day in History.” (By A&E Networks)

Guess My Name

Volley pre-zents the Skill of the Day...Guess my Name!

So, you fancy yourself a physic? Perhaps you have a knack for trivia, history, or you’re a pop-culture savant. In any case, Guess my Name is here to evaluate your claims. 

Team up with up to three addition players and take a crack at guessing the name of a famous individual. With only five clues available, your family and friends will have to flex their mental muscles to answer correctly! 

The task ahead is far from easy! Whether you select from animated characters, historical figures, or celebrities, these mind-bending clues will leave you on the edge of your seat. The sooner you answer, the more points you earn! Take on other players nationwide, as well!

Just say to your Echo, “Enable Guess my Name.” (By

Rhyming Game

Volley pre-zents the Skill of the Day...Rhyming Game!

Possess a veracious vernacular? Is your mind always melding words together? Maybe you’re just a lyricist in disguise – still searching for words that rhyme with orange. 

Rhyming Game brings people of all ages together, with simple words containing only one syllable. Everyone can partake in the rhyming madness, pairing words together in aural harmony. Put your vocabulary to the test, while maybe sounding a little silly in the process. 

Just say to your Echo, “Enable Rhyming Game.” (By William Keefe)