I have edited & published several articles by Tyler Charboneau through the blog I manage, Nordic APIs. Tyler consistently provides high-quality research and reporting to cover many sides of our technical subject matter. Tyler is motivated and attentive, comfortable working independently and just as open to feedback and direction. Would recommend as a writer!

Bill Doerrfeld – Editor in Chief, Nordic APIs

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“It's an absolute pleasure to work with Tyler as a writer and regular contributor on Electronics Point. He regularly demonstrates the ideal qualities an editor would expect of an editorial staff member.

I consider Tyler one of the most dependable and proficient writers on my team. Which is one of the reasons he's an easy go-to when I want guaranteed well-researched and polished content, even for extremely niche or technical topics.

I rely on him as a valuable team member and highly recommend him as a capable writer and a responsive, dedicated individual to work with overall.”

Hana Othman – Junior Editor, EETech Media & Marketing

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“We worked with Tyler for several months during which he proved himself as a creative writer and good researcher. Among the assignments we gave Tyler was writing feature stories and video game guides. He is capable of finding information on both familiar and new topics, as well as using his first-hand experience to produce a fine piece of work.

Tyler supports his thoughts with strong arguments and the structure of his guides made it easy to understand them. He is open to criticism and offers ideas of his own, which can benefit the story.

I value the work Tyler did for us and strongly recommend him as a writer who can deliver any kind of text and do profound research of a variety of topics.”

Dmitry Markelov – Editor, Ostrog

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“Since taking over the content management for my Apple/tech related blog, Tyler has proven to be a major asset to the website’s well-being. His writing speaks for itself - he has a clear knack for putting words together in such a way that readers gravitate toward the content and want to continue reading. If you take a look as some of his sample writings you will be able to see this for yourself. Not only is his writing great, he also takes pride in seeing his writing benefit the reader.

Tyler frequently gives me suggestions based on what he has seen competitors doing or his previous experiences. Going this extra step is what sets Tyler apart from other writers that I have worked with in the past. If you are looking for someone who is passionate about what they do and always looking to go the extra mile, I would highly consider using Tyler for your next writing project!”

Michael Hlatky – Owner, Cydia Geeks

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“As a product manager for an entertainment start-up, I need to find content creators and collaborators I can trust that work quickly and thoroughly. Tyler did great work for us writing jokes, product descriptions, and voice-over scripts, while also assisting with marketing research efforts.

His communication was persistent but not overbearing and he was able to perform tasks with minimal supervision and notes. Tyler takes feedback well and was a joy to work with in general. Highly recommend.”

Sean Baity – Product Manager of Design, Volley

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“In 2015 Tyler Charboneau was my student in a senior-level course that includes a demanding list of readings from a wide range of disciplines and gives considerable scope for individual initiative in shaping interpretive essays. He handled the challenge in systematic and creative ways.

His essays integrated the readings effectively and thoughtfully, and were written in clear, well organized narratives. They integrated this course persuasively with his major work in International Studies. He is a generous person, dedicated to shaping a career that serves our society’s needs. He will be a flexible and enthusiastic team member.”

Richard Tucker – Professor, University of Michigan

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