"The Flight" - A Short Passage

Premonitions can be powerful things, especially those corrupted by ill fortune. Whether we choose to acknowledge it, we occasionally have a knack for sensing turbulent events on the horizon. And that anxiety has a funny way of creeping in. The hair at the back of the neck raises, a palpable electricity filling the air. The heart races a few measures faster. As that tension reaches its crescendo, we nervously scan our surroundings – hoping to spot danger before it sneaks up. 

Fate, however, does not always tip its hand. Unfortunately, it decides to rear its ugly head while you’re darting over 6,000 feet above the earth.

Frankly, that plane should have never left the hangar. Being a diminutive Cessna 310, it was far better suited for leisurely excursions than gambles against Mother Nature. Alaskan pilots are a hardened, sometimes overconfident bunch. That roll of the dice would soon turn into a dangerous game - the lives of two passengers hanging in the balance. 

“I just can’t shake the feeling that we’ve made a terrible mistake…” Amelia exclaimed to Jack, her long-time travel sidekick and decidedly level-headed companion. 

“…We could have taken the next flight out tomorrow morning and avoided this weather. Newscasters are calling this the most treacherous squall the state has seen in 5 years.” 

She struggled to mask the shakiness in her voice while scratching nervously at her forearm. 

Comparatively, Jack was much less risk averse than his partner in crime. Whenever Amelia required a confident nudge towards embracing an idea, he always took the reins. His response back was undoubtedly in character: 

“Look, our pilot has been navigating these routes for decades. If there were anyone I’d trust to get us there in one piece, it would be the man in that cockpit.” Accordingly, he failed to hide undertones of annoyance creeping into his voice. 

His assurances did little to pacify Amelia, who sat while tightly gripping her armrest. Throughout her relatively-short life, friends and family marveled at her uncanny ability to sense trouble. This time, she hoped against hope that her gift was faltering.

A formidable gust of wind and ensuing whiteout confirmed her suspicions. The aircraft, having flown on course without incident, suddenly struggled to find stability. Though the pilot labored to control the small plane, his efforts were clearly in vain. Before the duo realized, their uneventful trip rapidly became a scramble for survival.