Product Spotlight: Infineon's New XHP3 Power Module

In its 4th April press release, Infineon officially unveiled a performant new member of its IGBT family. Dubbed the XHP3, the 3,3kV dual module is slated to be showcased in May during PCIM 2019.

The XHP3 is notable for its diminutive footprint, high power density, and Infineon’s claims of low stray inductance. Smart component grouping and shortened leads reduce unintended current disruption. The XHP3 is made for high-power applications, thus greater stability is crucial. Commercial applications are particularly sensitive to interruptions: an issue that Infineon is proactively combating. Furthermore, improved switching boosts both reliability and performance. 

Though the XHP3 shares identical dimensions with its brother, the XHP2, the XHP3 features a four-terminal design. Accordingly, Infineon’s newest module is symmetrically configured. Two DC terminals lie at each side, playing key roles in the XPH3’s half-bridge configuration.

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